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WET Test Lab Worker

Your Trusted Source for Water Quality Testing, Since 1987.

Delivering WET Testing, PTIE/TIE/TRE, Permit Review and Consultation Services to the Leading Municipalities and Industries in the Rocky Mountain Region.


For more than 36 years SeaCrest Group's In-House Aquatic Toxicity Laboratory has specialized in comprehensive Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) testing and proficient Toxicity Identification and Reduction Evaluation (PTIE/TIE/TRE) studies. We serve clients spanning various industries in the Rocky Mountain Region. With a dedicated focus on speed and precision, our expert team minimizes errors, fulfills testing requirements, and promptly delivers accurate reporting results.

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Pimephales Promelas-Fathead Minnow


Providing Outstanding Testing services for over 36 Years, focusing on accuracy and best in class quality control methods


Offering both acute and chronic WET (Whole Effluent Toxicity) testing services to numerous leading wastewater facilities and private clean water permit holders within the region. With a track record spanning more than 36 years, we have consistently delivered precise and high-quality laboratory results.

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Providing comprehensive Chemical and Toxicity testing solutions to a wide array of top-tier wastewater facilities and private Clean Water permit holders in the region. With a proven history spanning over 36 years, we consistently deliver precise and top-notch laboratory analyses.

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We play a crucial role in offering permit review and consultation services, actively engaging in the process to identify essential testing requirements. In the event of any potential violations, our expertise allows us to provide comprehensive client solutions, ensuring regulatory compliance and environmental integrity. With our support, you can navigate the permit landscape confidently and effectively.

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