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  • When can I perform a WET test?
    SeaCrest Group should be contacted either by phone (303-661-9324) or email ( to schedule a test in advance. Tests can be scheduled for the whole calendar year upon request. If issues arise and you can no longer test on the date requested, contact the lab and they will work with you to re-schedule. It is important to schedule so that the lab can make sure they have the species available for testing.
  • When will I receive my sample cooler?
    SeaCrest Group will ship out your sample cooler(s) the week before you are scheduled to test.
  • When will I receive my test results?
    SeaCrest Group will send your results, by email, within two days after the test(s) have been taken down. For example, chronic tests take 7 days to complete, so if the test is set up on a Tuesday you will receive your results by Thursday of the next week.
  • When will I receive my report?
    SeaCrest Group will send you your report within 10 days after test set up for chronic tests and within 7 days after test set up for acute tests.
  • Who submits my DMR?
    The permittee is responsible for reporting test results along with the DMR. In most cases, DMRs must be received by the state by the 28th day of the month following the monitoring period. For example, WET testing results for the calendar quarter ending March 31st shall be reported with the DMR by April 28th.
  • What do I need to do to make sure my sample is in compliance?
    Samples must be received by the lab within 36 hours from when they were sampled. Samples that are not being delivered to the lab the same day as sampling should be chilled to 0-6°C. The permit should be reviewed to find information such as collection site location, and type of collection (composite or grab).
  • What happens if I fail my compliance WET test?
    SeaCrest Group will work with you to figure out the potential cause of toxicity and guide you on what your next steps should be. Generally, accelerated testing or PTIE/TIE testing is the next step after a violation. Your permit should be referenced to find out if these types of tests are necessary after a violation has occurred.
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